RAET Mainframe services

IBM_zEnterprise_MainframeComputer Science Coorporation is based in Apeldoorn (formerly named RAET) and supports a large IBM mainframe environment for running “in service” applications.

Mr Ritter started as a Network engineer in a SNA/VTAM network environment. He developed maintenance procedures based on TSO/ISPF scripts, created automated maintenance jobs, simplified and tuned network topology. This resulted in improved network performance and he reduced the procedure for introducing new network users from one week to 6 hours. Besides his  daily job as a Network engineer he also worked on a internal project “Release”. Release is now the required procedure for the installation of new software and promotion through the test and production phases.


Netview NPDA

His last project is the introduction of automated operations using IBM Netview application. This resulted in a now fully operational Automated Operations systems based on Netview. This system is activated at system startup (IPL) and controls and monitors all application activity on the mainframe including the external network.


The main console


The bridge

Any alert message is processed and appropiate actions are taken to resolve problems when possible or inform the operator when manual intervention is required.