Trendsoft Omega project

InnovamOmega is a Dutch company  based in Amsterdam that specializes in software for e-learning and electronic examination applications. The ITSI/OTIS system is a advanced interactive multi-media application for electronic examination. The system is initialy developed for INNOVAM an automotive branch organisation to instruct car mechanics. In the preparation phase an exam is developed by creating examination subjects and randomly selecting questions, pictures and video fragments from a database by an expert with the help of an examination design tool. At the examination date the students have their own Windows PC and examination application.

The expert constructs exam items using a graphic editor palet containing visual elements that can be combined:

  • Information:
    • Text
    • Image
    • Video
    • Sound
  • Question type:
    • Multiple-choice (single and multiple answer)
    • Open question
    • Matching
    • True/False
    • Click on area

OnlineExamMr Ritter designed the software to support this system and created an unique generic application framework that features:

  • Object oriented
  • Object database persistence
  • Object visualisation
  • visual inheritance

The examination system was build with a three man team and implemented in Borland Delphi, the objects where stored in a Oracle database. The so called “Omega framework” proved to be very successful and is now a showcase of innovative design for the Trendsoft company.