Ministry of Justice Anti money laundering


Money laundering

Project MOT

In 1994 the Dutch government adopted new Money laundering legislation (Wet MOT). Meldpunt ongebruikelijke transactie (notification center unusual transactions). The ministry of Justice requested PinkRoccade to build the new MOT system. Sales engineers at PinkRoccade had heard about the Omega framework and decided to re-use this framework.

A team was setup with a project lead, Mr Ritter as lead designer and two Delphi developers. The project was delivered succesfully and a second project immediately followed.

Project Vennoot

The Dutch government department of Justice is responsible for tracking and investigating the startup of new companies in order to prevent fraud. The Vennoot system is a database where information concerning startups is collected from numerous sources.

CriminalNetworksMr Ritter was responsible for the technical design and implementation of this new system. The system collects information from databases and connects to external mainframe systems from the department of justice for retrieving criminal records. The system is based on an object oriented component framework that Mr Ritter developed in a previous project (Omega). The Vennoot system was successfully delivered.