ASR AORTA project

ASR-verzekeringen-LogoThe AORTA project is a result of the merger between two insurance companies: “de Amersfoortse” and “Stad Rotterdam”. AORTA is a message based solution for integrating applications on different types of computing environments: Siemens BS2000, IBM VM/VSE AIX, NT and Unisys. The final solution is based on IBM MQSeries, MQSI Message Broker and XML message formats.

Mr Ritter was responsible for the design and implementation of all message broker. interfaces and the adapters on the Siemens mainframe. This included building COBOL batch and online interfaces to IDMS applications. A special solution was required for the IDMS applications. The IDMS application could not directly interface with MQSeries because IDMS is by design not allowed to wait for MQ timeouts. Mr Ritter found a workaround by implementing the IDMS interface as a native print spooler application. Now the IDMS application can print to a virtual printer destination representing a queue destination.