Philips Semiconductors “SPEED”

Philps-SemiConductorsIn 2000, Philips decided to phase in an SAP-ERP system for all its manufacturing sites worldwide. A program, SPEED (Superior Production
Execution through ERP Deployment), was launched. The first phase that enabled worldwide integration of SAP ERP and legacy systems in the Netherlands, France, Thailand, Hongkong and China.

Mr Ritter worked in close cooperation with the main architect responsible for designing the messaging architecture and system management environment for the world-wide SAP implementation. The resulting architecture is based on a TIBCO Rendezvous publish/subscribe implementation.

  1. In order to full fill the project requirements the standard TIBCO Message Broker was enhanced by Mr Ritter with extra functionality for message integrity checking based on XML schemas.
  2. Mr Ritter setup a system monitoring system based on TIBCO Hawk
  3. Mr Ritter also fixed a blocking problem with the Message Broker software by patching the TIBCO source code and donated the code to the TIBCO support group.

The initial rollout was successful and the project continued to its next planned phase. Press release: ss_Philips_SPEED__Accelerating_Global_Integration