service24h2Mercedes Benz Customer Assistance Center offers its high value customers a 24-hour assistance service via its European Call Centre in Maastricht. Compass Telematics is a new service where a driver can set up an emergency call by pressing an alarm button. The system is based on an in-car phone system built by T-Systems and integrated with car electronics such as the diagnostic system, onboard computer and GPS navigation. Via text messaging the car can also send messages to the call center autonomously when an accident is detected. The Compass Telematics project includes setting up the technical infrastructure for linking the the communications equipment in the car with the the Avaya telephony system and the back office (Siebel Call Centre) .

Mr. Ritter’s role is to design and implement the  infrastructure for integrating all system components based on IBM MQSeries and MQSI Message Broker. In June this system was successfully taken into production. Management decided to use the new architecture for further integration projects within Mercedes-Benz. A new project for integration with UK trucking in England is considered.