Interpolis Pensioenen “Infobus”

Interpolis Pensioenen has started a 5 year 100M programme for improving and aligning business processes with its vision. Part of this programme is the BIP project that focuses on computer system integration. The IPP Infobus is a service oriented middleware solution based on XML and MQSeries message oriented middleware.

Mr Ritter was responsible for design and implementation of the IPP Infobus that supports Oracle, Siebel and COOL:2E applications on UNIX, Windows 2000 and IBM AS400. This resulted in the following deliverables:

  1. Design document (requirements, design principles, infrastructure design)
  2. Interpolis Bericht Formaat (a Company wide standard message format)
  3. Adapter framework

After an intensive study Mr Riter decided that off the shelf middleware adapters could not meet the customers demands. A custom build Java adapter was built to connected all these applications to the MQSeries middleware. Customer employees were trained and tools were installed to enable remote support. Java was chosen for its ability to run on all required platforms and the availability of useful Open Source Software (xml parsers, logging, remote maintenance). As proof of concept of the IPP Infobus services on a AS400 where exposed by the adapter.