Capgemini Academy “SOA Solutions for Integration Architecture”

Together with two other colleagues Mr Ritter developed a three-day Capgemini Academy course “SOA Solutions for Integration Architecture.  The training includes theory and interactive workshops. Mr Ritter contributed by developing course material based on his practical experience. He acted as a trainer in the first training sessions. This course is still available at the academy.

Click to show course details

Click to show course details

The training includes:

  • Positionering binnen IAF
  • System Domain Architectuur
    • Legacy structuren and Client/Server, batch georiënteerde systemen
    • Multichannel architecturen op basis van Java en .NET
    • Technologieën en producten
  • Enterprise Domain Architectuur
    • Service Oriented Architecture als basis voor loosely coupled architecturen, Messaging and Message Brokers
    • Technologieën en producten
  • Data-integratie structuren
    • Operational Datastore en Data Warehouse

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