Bank Mendes Gans NV Web App testing

Bank Mendes Gans

Bank Mendes Gans

The Mendes Gans bank is a small bank founded in 1883 and now part of the ING groep. The bank specializes in cash management and provides Netting and Cash Pool services. The customer wanted to stress test their web based customer support application to prevent performance problems.

Mr Ritter was asked to:

  • setup a flexible and reusable web application test framework,
  • perform automated functional and performance tests
  • report on the results.

Mr Ritter selected Grinder and Python script as the best test tools for this occation and developed a test framework for Mendes Gans bank that is able to simulate end-user behavior. As a result of his testing he found some bottlenecks in the database access layer. The problems could be solved by optimizing and changing the database queries.