IBM Websphere Technical Conference Munich

Attended the 5-day conference:

“Gain an insight into WebSphere, WebSphere Business Integration including WebSphere MQ, and CICS products families. During this conference, you will acquire in-depth knowledge on how to integrate and manage existing systems, incorporate the latest technologies, deliver superior solutions with minimal risk and learn more about WebSpheres new version. Develop your skills in order to help your organisation prepare to meet current and future business needs. To sum up, this conference will help you develop a deep knowledge of integrating and managing existing systems incorporate the latest technologies and deliver superior on demand solutions with minimal risk.”

The conference fee is � 1,906.34 exclusive of national VAT, which will be applied where required. This fee provides access to all keynote and elective sessions, workshops, panel discussions, conference proceedings, meals, refreshments and conference events mentioned in the conference agenda.