Bouwfonds ESB Selection

logo-bouwfonds-5901Bouwfonds Holding is an international property company and employs about 1800 people of which 400 are located outside The Netherlands. The COBRA project was started to provide an infrastructure to support the financial consolidation, Basel II and Economic Capital reporting

Mr Ritter was asked as a middleware consultant to design a system to collect all financial information streams from many sources in the company and lead them to the central data warehouse. After a while management decided that there was a need for an enterprise wide solution based on an Enterprise Service Bus, this resulted in a sub project “COBRA Connectivity” executed by Mr Ritter and another Capgemini colleague. An extended product selection procedure was started with an extensive list of selection criteria and workshops where held where each business unit of Bouwfonds could have its say. Finally Bouwfonds started  a strategic partnership with Cordys for the development and implementation of an enterprise-wide connectivity layer.

Now Bouwfonds being a strategic partner of Cordys, Mr. Ritter worked closely with Cordys product development department and designed a Secure File Transfer solution for all financial data. To automate the financial consolidation process Mr Ritter modeled the business process and implemented with Cordys BPM. The Secure File Transfer solution has becomce a product of Cordys and the project is used as a showcase for succesful Cordys implementation.


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