ING Insurance Central Europe “ICE project”

The “Vision for Growth” program includes developing and deploying an integrated solution for ING Insurance for all of Europe and Russia. The ILIS/ESB project is part of this program and delivers a TIBCO software-based service layer.

A small team of two was assigned to develop integrations and configure the Enterprise Service Bus. The TIBCO software had to be installed on three separate Linux servers in a DEV/TEST/ACC/PROD environment. The project team decided that installation and configuration  of every environment by hand would take too much time and an automated installation procedure was needed. Another challenge was that the required server hardware was not available on time.


Mr Ritter came up with the following solution:

  • use RPM as a fully automated  installation solution.
  • using a virtual server environment as a temporary replacement for the missing hardware

Mr Ritter  installed a virtualization product called VirtualBox on his laptop that allows to run a virtual Linux server. This product allows him to simulate the deployment environment and  saved the project lot of time.

Mr Ritter was responsible for installation, configuration and testing:

  • Installation and configuration
    • Configuration of TIBCO BusinessWorks software
    • Designing and developing an automatic installation method based on Redhat Package Manager (RPM) on Linux servers
    • Designing and developing a scripted service deployment method
    • Organizing security (role-based, PKI Certificates)
    • Implemented SELinux security policies
    • Setting up a logging framework for functional errors
  • Testing
    • Generate test data with Benerator this excelent free and open source tool enabled us to generate test data with real Polisch names


      Testdata generator

    • Functional and performance testing of web services  (SoapUI), developed java scripts
  • Documentation of installation, configuration and deployment procedures

One thought on “ING Insurance Central Europe “ICE project”

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