BinckBank is an online bank for investors with a Top 5 position in Europe. They have the ambition to become the biggest online bank for investors in Europe, measured by the number of brokerage accounts, transactions and profit, and aim to be active in a minimum of five countries. BinckBank’s activities are split into two business units: ‘Retail’ and ‘Professional Services’.  BinckBank  has a daughter called Syntel. Syntel develops software for banks, pension funds and insurance companies. With its EuroPort+ product, Syntel has been a market leader in the field of investment applications for many years.

Binckbank faces the problem that it has several development environments in place, this results in extra costs and hinders service reuse . Mr Ritter was asked by his colleague Hans van de Koppel to advice him as a Solution Architect, investigate how to improve this situation and advise on a strategy. After several interviews we found that the client has multiple business units that have developed components in Java, Microsoft .Net, Delphi and Magic using different types of technology for communication.

A report is presented to the board with a plan to transform the current situation into a more integrated solution based on a SOA architecture supported by a single deployment tool.