Attended the IBM “WebSphere Update” meeting in Amsterdam. Got some more interesting news on WebSphere Application Server and the DataPower appliances. Also did some networking and met Richard Krajicek our national tennis hero.

“During the inspiring sessions at the WebSphere Update event you will discover how you can operate more dynamically and cost-efficiently by using these advanced tools. You will learn how to make opportunities grow. How to accelerate projects. How to take charge of challenges. In short, you will find out how to grow from ‘regular’ to optimum business performance. Enzo Greco, IBM World Wide BPM expert will share insights into how the business environment is changing and how you can get started working smarter. You will discover the fundamental capabilities that will help drive agility into your organization and enable your company to outperform.


My comment: “Learned about the Datapower appliances and had a photo shoot with Richard Krajicek who enjoyed standing next to me”