On December i attended the IBM Deep Dive session in Behoust near Paris. I was send there with some other collegues to learn about the new integrated IBM Process Server product offering.


Agility and alignment off business and IT are two top-priorities of our customers. Business Process Management Suites (BPMS’s) offer us the possibilities to realize wishes of our customers business organization, in short time. BPMS’s are changing and will change the way we build systems and integrate them. BPMS is one of the top-priorities of Capgemini in the Netherlands. Capgemini is the ideal partner for customers and for our technology partners to do projects with BPMS’s. This because we have thorough knowledge and experience with business processes, architecture and technology.

On the 13th and 14th of December you have the possibility to Deep Dive into the BPMS technology of IBM which consists of IBM Websphere Process Server, IBM Websphere ILOG and IBM Websphere Lombardi. This Deep Dive is the first one of a sequence that will be organized by the cluster Java Software Integration & BPMS of the division Custom Software Development.

A special Tiger Team of IBM, flown in from the US, will learn you about the strategy of IBM in this area and will show you an overview of the IBM BPMS stack. Demo’s will provide the real Deep Dive. In the margin of this Deep Dive IBM will show you H2 recognize BPMS opportunities and H2 pitch at customers.