Canon Europe

CanonThe One Canon Programme of Canon Europe has the ambition to redesign and improve its worldwide IT services and at the same time lower cost by outsourcing Functional Application Management. The new IT solutions where developed by multiple suppliers (Capgemini, Logica, Deloitte and IBM) and the new IT environment was outsourced to Capgemini India. Because of a best of breed approach several applications needed to be integrated with middleware IBM WebSphere Process Server and ETL tools.

Mr Ritter  was asked to participate in this programme because of his experience with middleware and outsourcing.

Tasks and duties:

  • Collect and catalog all existing and missing knowledge and documentation on the newly build middleware solutions
  • Support the knowledge transfer to a Managed Resources team from India
  • Define requirements for a error handling and monitoring system
  • Responsible for setting up and providing production support during the transition period
    • Handle incidents (HP  Openview)
    • Analyse and fix problems in WebSphere Process Server code (mediations, Java programming)
    • Create daily reports on production errors in ETL tooling