Currently i am working on setting up a webshop based on open source software. The frontend is a Magento webshop, in the backend OpenERP will handle fulfilment and administration. OpenERP is a wonderful system that handles sales, procurement, warehousing and accounting. This is an exciting project.

First the infrastructure has to be setup for which I use a set of virtual servers running Linux in a Windows 7 hosting environment. On top of this infrastructure the software is installed, configured and tested.

Now i am in the phase of configuring the system. For the webshop this requires setting up the product catalog, making product photo’s and descriptions. I also have setup a social login procedure so customers can login with their Facebook account and comment on products. Setting up the ERP system requires defining business processes, handling taxes and accounting. Im learning a lot on the business processes themselves and have recently completed a first full order and delivery cycle. Now all parts of the system have to be tested and tuned.