How to make your smartphone really smart

Context-Aware-DeviceWith some effort you can make your smartphone even smarter and context aware.

Now I have my smart phone a HTC Desire, I seem to have desire for more. A smartphone is not really smart. It is just a mobile computer with a bunch of small applications. Ok, its good for keeping track of you appointments and email but it will not do anything to help you on its own. It is just  not context aware, so i wanted to change that.

I was looking for a digital assistant that really understands what I’m doing. It should be aware of the situation, where am I, what am I doing or intend to do, am I alone, in a car, train or walking. When I go to work in my car, it will notice that it is a working day, that I am moving fast so probably in a car or train. It can find out by determining if I follow the train route or not. Then my digital assistant can help me by answering the phone while I drive and find a parking space when near my destination.

Of course it will not be perfect, it has to deal with incomplete information. It needs training on how to help me and I need to correct it sometimes. It could ask for my help or advice and vice versa. So my phone will be a learning machine that can deal with uncertainty and communicates with its owner preferable by using voice commands.

I first thought about programming in Java myself but then i found a better solution for the Android platform: Tasker

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Tasker allows me to make my smartphone more contextaware. I have created some profiles that allow me to suppress phone calls during meetings. Im also working on a solution to send a notification to my wife when i’m home in 20 minutes.


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