Coaching an DevOps team

DevOps-coachMy current assignment at ING is coaching and training several people in three different DevOps teams to fullfill the SMT role. DevOps teams at ING develop and manage SOA services based on TIBCO ActiveMatrix / BusinessWorks. The teams work according to the Scrum method and Continuous Delivery Engineering Practices. This means short sprints with multidisciplinary teams. The primary tasks of a SMT person (Service Managment Team) are to deploy and test new services, resolve issues and handle incidents. This also includes daily operations tasks.

My work as a coach:

  • Develop a training plan (goals, concepts, tools, skills, and learning targets)
  • Collect existing best practices and develop new guidelines
  • Setup the working enviroment (acces rights, tooling, etc)
  • Coach team members:
    • Deployment of TIBCO AMX services (Jenkins, Nexus, Subversion, ActiveMatrix)
    • Execute functional tests
    • Define and analyze performance tests
    • Configure monitoring (prepare, document)
    • TIBCO essentials (web services, EMS messaging, logging)
    • Incident handling (message tracking, root cause analysis)
  • Document all of the above (SMT Handbook)

I was hired for coaching two people. After the initial goal was met, i’m  requested to:

  • support other teams as a SMT coach,
  • work on SMT procedure improvements (one-click deployment)
  • participate in an SMT improvement programme.



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