Team 4WRD: Developing a Basel II reporting system

I worked for ING Bank in the 4WRD DevOps team for about 3 years on the Basel II reporting system. The mainframe application was moved to the new ING Datalake environment with Netezza Data Warehouse and IBM Infosphere Datastage.

My contribution was developing ETL data transformation jobs, running the monthly BASEL reporting batch in the OPS role and provide technical support for the whole team. In the OPS role I was responsible for running the system. As a team tool developper i developed automated deployment procedures with Gitlab, Jenkins, Artifactory, Ansible en Bash script.

The team achievements:

  • Monthly processed data on unsecured loans and creditcards for 8 million customers
  • We processed the data with IBM Datastage ETL jobs
  • Store the results in a Netezza warehouse.
  • We developed a continuous deployment procedure.
  • We use FitnesseDB for regression testing
  • Every asset in the project is stored as a separate file in Gitlab.
    • Datastage Jobs, Sequences, Parameter sets
    • Database definition scripts
    • Test scripts
  • This enables us to have a firm grip on deployment

To show other teams about our work i created the following animation of Team 4WRD developing the Basel II reporting system. You will see us working and updating these assets. The animation video was created with open source tool Gource.



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