Programming the mBot robot

9780594655602_p1_v7_s550x406My personal experiences programming the Makeblock mBot robot. I’m investigating this robot in order to use it as a tool for teaching technology and programming at an elementary school.

The mBot robot can be programmed with the Makeblock editor an application based on Scratch from MIT Media Lab. The editor and example programs can be downloaded from There are also other options such as on online web browser application and apps for Android and the iPad. Continue reading


De robot op school


Ozobot robot steekt een kruispunt over

Hoe kunnen robots worden ingezet op school. De school van mijn dochter maakt dit jaar gebruik van robots zoals de Ozobot als hulpmiddel voor de introductie van logisch denken en programmeren. Als vader en IT-er ben ik geïnteresseerd in de mogelijkheden van deze robot. Daarom kocht ik gelijk het model EVO om eens te kijken wat deze robot wel allemaal kan. Ambitieus als ik ben wilde ik gelijk het hoogst bereikbare onderzoeken en stelde mij als doel: “De robot programmeren als een echte verkeersdeelnemer”. Continue reading

How to make your smartphone really smart

Context-Aware-DeviceWith some effort you can make your smartphone even smarter and context aware.

Now I have my smart phone a HTC Desire, I seem to have desire for more. A smartphone is not really smart. It is just a mobile computer with a bunch of small applications. Ok, its good for keeping track of you appointments and email but it will not do anything to help you on its own. It is just  not context aware, so i wanted to change that.

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e-learning with Moodle

During my vacation in Thailand I got interested in teaching and e-learning.

During one of my previous visits to Thailand I had been teaching English classes in local schools. My newest assignment requires me to teach IBM WebSphere MessageBroker skills to a small group of my customers employees. This led me to the question how can we share knowledge with other people for learning purposes. I found moodle a very interesting open source solution.

Natural language processing

Do you know that 80% of all data in the world is unstructured. Think about email, office documents, blogs and social media (Tweeter). Im now investigating how to use Natural language processing technology to extract interesting facts from data. The project that im working on now involves scanning requests for job positions and determining what specific skills are needed. Im using the following tools:

  • Open source NLP software from GATE
  • Protege for building a background knowledge base (Ontology)
  • IBM LanguageWare

I will update article soon. If you want to know more take a look at the GATE project.

GATE project

Thailand 2010

My wife and daughter

I love Thailand. The first time I was there i joined a small group tour, visiting cities and some adventurous three day walk in the jungle. Later I went all by myself, its very easy to find your way around. People are very friendly and helpfull. During one of these trips I met my wife.

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Amazon Cloud

I’m investigating the capabilities of Amazon EC2 Cloud (EC2 means Elastic Cloud Computing). Cloud computing in general promises us direct access to large amounts of servers for a reasonable price. I think Cloud computing offers a great opportunity for my customers because a project can set up an environment within minutes instead of weeks or even months. For Amazon EC2 you needed to get an account, that is easy to do within 5 minutes when you have a mobile phone and credit card. But amazon is not the only player in the field.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Hosting and Hosted Cloud System Infrastructure Services (On Demand), 2009:

Magic quadrant

Magic quadrant

Designed the Petrus Plancius website

Petrus PlanciusPetrus Plancius International is a Dutch antiquarian bookshop,specializing in Dutch bibles from 1637 till 1909, World maps, maps of the Holy land, manuscripts and globes.

On request of the owner (brother in law) I designed and created this website based on Joomla and VirtueMart opensource software. The website is a catalog where customers can view and select the items they want to buy.