Virtual event: Getting Started with Apache Camel

This webinar describes the various deployment options for Apache Camel.

Learn how to easily use and leverage the power of Apache Camel and Enterprise Integration Patterns in a range of deployment options varying from plain java applications to full blown SOA implementations.

Designed from the ground up to be an easy-to-use integration framework, great value is provided to any developer with a need to integrate by providing a breath of connectivity options and implementations of the Enterprise Integration Patterns. By not relying on a heavy specification as starting point, Apache Camel has no dependency on a runtime container and has virtually endless deployment options.

Please join us for this free and interactive webinar that explores the deployment options of Apache Camel, whether you want to deploy with a messaging backbone such as FUSE Message Broker, a full ESB such as FUSE ESB or within your own plain Java or Java EE application this webinar covers the various deployment options available.

This webinar includes:
• Apache Camel basics and deployment options
• demo with code samples
• interactive Q&A
• how to use open source software to cut costs
• how to get enterprise-class services and support

The presentation will introduce FUSE Mediation Router, a productized and fully supported distribution of Apache Camel that is designed for enterprise use. Be sure to join us for this informative and interesting session.


IBM Deep Dive into BPM Solutions

On December i attended the IBM Deep Dive session in Behoust near Paris. I was send there with some other collegues to learn about the new integrated IBM Process Server product offering.


Agility and alignment off business and IT are two top-priorities of our customers. Business Process Management Suites (BPMS’s) offer us the possibilities to realize wishes of our customers business organization, in short time. BPMS’s are changing and will change the way we build systems and integrate them. BPMS is one of the top-priorities of Capgemini in the Netherlands. Capgemini is the ideal partner for customers and for our technology partners to do projects with BPMS’s. This because we have thorough knowledge and experience with business processes, architecture and technology.

On the 13th and 14th of December you have the possibility to Deep Dive into the BPMS technology of IBM which consists of IBM Websphere Process Server, IBM Websphere ILOG and IBM Websphere Lombardi. This Deep Dive is the first one of a sequence that will be organized by the cluster Java Software Integration & BPMS of the division Custom Software Development.

A special Tiger Team of IBM, flown in from the US, will learn you about the strategy of IBM in this area and will show you an overview of the IBM BPMS stack. Demo’s will provide the real Deep Dive. In the margin of this Deep Dive IBM will show you H2 recognize BPMS opportunities and H2 pitch at customers.

Open Source Conference 2010

Open Source 2010 conference

Open Source 2010 conference

The objective of this conference is to give participants insight in the latest developments and practical applications of Open Source software in building integrated business solutions. The program will consist of independent keynotes as well as of contributions that are based on real project- and client experiences to demonstrate how using Open Source technology can leverage extensive business value.

Where: Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Piet Heinkade 1, 1019 BR Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Keynote Speakers

My comment: I specialy liked the analysis by Accenture on the usage of Open Source software  and the speech of Eric Kluijfhout on Electronic learning based on the Liferay application. The Open Universiteit deploys Liferay to develop and market networked and community-based services in the field of life long professional development at higher vocational and academic level.

The Big Blue Night

The partnership between Capgemini and IBM goes a long way back. To show the strength of the combination of Capgemini’s professional services combined with IBM’s revolutionary hard- and software, the Capgemini-IBM Alliance organizes the Big Blue Night on October 14, 2010 at Capgemini Congress Center in Utrecht. This event is open for customers, Capgemini professionals and selected IBM professionals and will start at 17:00 hrs with welcome drinks. A great finger food buffet will be served at the information market starting from 19:30 hrs. The evening ends when you decide to leave.

After the keynote session the attendees have the opportunity to attend two out of a choice of seven breakout sessions. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to stroll the information market, enjoy great food and drinks and the music of The Quinted.

IBM WebSphere Update

Attended the IBM “WebSphere Update” meeting in Amsterdam. Got some more interesting news on WebSphere Application Server and the DataPower appliances. Also did some networking and met Richard Krajicek our national tennis hero.

“During the inspiring sessions at the WebSphere Update event you will discover how you can operate more dynamically and cost-efficiently by using these advanced tools. You will learn how to make opportunities grow. How to accelerate projects. How to take charge of challenges. In short, you will find out how to grow from ‘regular’ to optimum business performance. Enzo Greco, IBM World Wide BPM expert will share insights into how the business environment is changing and how you can get started working smarter. You will discover the fundamental capabilities that will help drive agility into your organization and enable your company to outperform.


My comment: “Learned about the Datapower appliances and had a photo shoot with Richard Krajicek who enjoyed standing next to me”

Capgemini Cloud Computing Conference: Proven Innovation

On 8th September 2010 Capgemini organizes another Cloud Computing Conference: Proven Innovation. We gladly invite you to attend this conference. During this event, companies using cloud solutions will share their experiences and you will be informed about how they created business value with cloud computing.

Cloud computing in practice: Business value and pitfalls Enterprises who started to use cloud computing solutions within the last two years will share their experience with you and will inform you about new innovations they are working on. They will share the benefits and added value that cloud solutions brought their enterprise, but also the concerns about and pitfalls of cloud computing.

Meet our CTO The Global CTO of Capgemini , Andy Mulholland, co-author of the book: ‘Enterprise Cloud Computing, a strategy guide for business and technology leaders’, will share his insights about enterprise cloud computing, ‘… for the Wow isn’t just about technology, it’s about the promise of on-demand business innovation’.

Capgemini Cloud Computing Conference

Cloud Computing as Business enabler: this is not just another event about the hype. This conference is about concrete application of Cloud Computing and short ‘time to value’.
Capgemini shows how the Cloud Computing Architecture Framework will structure your business and IT. Our Cloud Computing Partners are the Pioneers of Cloud Computing: for business processes, Google’s vision and strategy for Internet and Office and Amazon with infrastructure solutions in the Cloud.

Cordys Cordial 2008

Keynote presentations included:-

  • The launch of the Cordys Business Operations Platform – the next generation BPM Jon Pyke, CSO, Cordys
  • The Impact of Extreme Competition and how to stay competitive in today’s global market Peter Fingar, Pundit, analyst and renowned author of Extreme Competition
  • Customer Driven Agility and Innovation – Jan Baan, Founder and CEO, Cordys
  • Adopting End-to-End Customer Centric Processes – Tamer Ozmen, Orange France Telecom
  • Detailed case studies from leading organizations around the globe

During the two day conference, we have been running a number of workshops and breakout sessions for both business and technical delegates, enabling participants to gain a more detailed practical insight into the benefits of implementing next generation Business Process Management solutions.



IBM Websphere Technical Conference Munich

Attended the 5-day conference:

“Gain an insight into WebSphere, WebSphere Business Integration including WebSphere MQ, and CICS products families. During this conference, you will acquire in-depth knowledge on how to integrate and manage existing systems, incorporate the latest technologies, deliver superior solutions with minimal risk and learn more about WebSpheres new version. Develop your skills in order to help your organisation prepare to meet current and future business needs. To sum up, this conference will help you develop a deep knowledge of integrating and managing existing systems incorporate the latest technologies and deliver superior on demand solutions with minimal risk.”

The conference fee is � 1,906.34 exclusive of national VAT, which will be applied where required. This fee provides access to all keynote and elective sessions, workshops, panel discussions, conference proceedings, meals, refreshments and conference events mentioned in the conference agenda.