Coaching a TIBCO ESB team for ProRail InfoPlus

InfoplusThe ProRail InfoPlus system provides round the clock information to travellers. The system processes thousands of messages per hour and delivers this over a TIBCO Enterprise Service Bus to external parties such as OV9292. Mr Ritter is asked to assist sub-contractor Conclusion Future Infrastructure Technologies in delivering 7*24 Gold support. Conclusion will provide remote support on the TIBCO Enterprise Service Bus. Mr Ritter is responsible for preparing the remote support team for this important task.


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Telfort “Replace middleware”

Telfort is a Dutch telecom provider. A small team of Capgemini consultants was setup to help Telfort deal with an existing integration bus that is no longer able to support the flexibility and scalability requirements of their business. Mr Ritter was assigned as a consultant to the team and helped to prepare a three-day workshop for determining the requirements for a solution, create a transformation plan and select a first proof of concept project.

Delta Lloyd Verzekeringen “FAP”

Delta lloyd
Delta Lloyd Insurance launched the FAP project to introduce a new insurance quoting system and asked Capgemini to execute a quick study with a small team of consultants to investigate the possibilities for reuse of existing systems. Mr. Ritter has taken part in this study as a consultant and integration expert to pay attention to the integration of  the user interface to the back office systems. Interviews where held and existing documentation read resulting in a report for the board of directors.

Essent Netwerk “De ICT Verbouwing”

Essent Networks must restructure because of market changes and regulations. A team of Capgemini has executed an architectural study, resulting in an overall architecture proposal.

The role of Mr. Ritter as a middleware consultant is to define a set of requirements for an EAI/SOA solution and make a recommendation for a product selection. The requirements were collected in 4 weeks during workshops and recorded in a structured and compact PowerPoint presentation and accompanying document. This information will be used in subsequent transformation processes as a basis for a SOA implementation.

Ministerie van Defensie “Transaction Integrity”



The “DienstenCentrum IV-Beheerafdeling” is the central IT department within the Dutch army responsible for keeping the IT systems in good working order. De Dutch army relies on its Websphere MQ infrastructure for integrating all its applications. The need arose to investigate how vulnerable this system is for loss of integrity during a failure. Mr Ritter was hired as an IT Architect he analysed the situation and focussed on transaction integrity for transactions that span multiple systems. He came up with a plan to improve te current situation.

Mercedez Benz CAC “Keep MQ running”

Customer Assistance Center has a well performing middleware infrastructure to support its 24 hour service based on IBM products as IBM MQSeries en WebSphere Messagebroker. This system was installed in a previous project. Due to a change in support contract the need arised for a new disaster recovery procedure.

Mr Ritter proposed and implemented a solution and updated all documentation.

International Card Services “XML Gateway”

IntCardSservicesInternational Card Services is a credit card company based in the Netherlands thats expanding its services to Germany. Therefore it needed to extends its AS400 computer system with new capability to execute credibility checking with the “Schufa Creditbility Check”.

Mr Ritter was asked to research all possible solutions for an automated credibility check based on the by Schufa provided “XML Gateway” interface. Mr Ritter proposed a solution based on the same design and technology previous succesfully implemented for Goudse verzekeringen en Interpolis.