Coaching an DevOps team

DevOps-coachMy current assignment at ING is coaching and training several people in three different DevOps teams to fullfill the SMT role. DevOps teams at ING develop and manage SOA services based on TIBCO ActiveMatrix / BusinessWorks. The teams work according to the Scrum method and Continuous Delivery Engineering Practices. This means short sprints with multidisciplinary teams. The primary tasks of a SMT person (Service Managment Team) are to deploy and test new services, resolve issues and handle incidents. This also includes daily operations tasks.

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Coaching a TIBCO ESB team for ProRail InfoPlus

InfoplusThe ProRail InfoPlus system provides round the clock information to travellers. The system processes thousands of messages per hour and delivers this over a TIBCO Enterprise Service Bus to external parties such as OV9292. Mr Ritter is asked to assist sub-contractor Conclusion Future Infrastructure Technologies in delivering 7*24 Gold support. Conclusion will provide remote support on the TIBCO Enterprise Service Bus. Mr Ritter is responsible for preparing the remote support team for this important task.


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Process mining and analysis

Process mining

How much do we really know about our business processes:

  • Number of started / completed / aborted processes
  • Success / failure rate
  • Turnaround time
  • Root cause of failures

During my latest customer engagement i used some basic process mining and analysis techniques.  Process mining is a process management technique that allows for the analysis of business processes based on event logs. The basic idea is to extract knowledge from event logs recorded by an information system. Process mining aims at improving this by providing techniques and tools for discovering process, control, data, organizational, and social structures from event logs. Continue reading

How to Monitoring TIBCO ESB


Monitoring and Reporting

TIBCO Enterprise Service Bus provides a complete set of ESB products, these products need to be combined into a solution architecture. For my current customer I designed and implemented the following monitoring and reporting solution that resulted in a significant reduction of business process exceptions.

The solution includes the following products
  • OpsView (Enterprise IT Monitoring)
  • TIBCO Hawk (monitor infrastructure behavior, metrics and failures)
  • TIBCO Clever (monitor functional and technical errors)
  • TIBCO Spotfire (reporting)
  • Pentaho Data Integration (ETL)
  • Esper (Complex Event Processing)
  • Confluence (Wiki based knowlegde base)

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Capgemini Cloud Computing Conference: Proven Innovation

On 8th September 2010 Capgemini organizes another Cloud Computing Conference: Proven Innovation. We gladly invite you to attend this conference. During this event, companies using cloud solutions will share their experiences and you will be informed about how they created business value with cloud computing.

Cloud computing in practice: Business value and pitfalls Enterprises who started to use cloud computing solutions within the last two years will share their experience with you and will inform you about new innovations they are working on. They will share the benefits and added value that cloud solutions brought their enterprise, but also the concerns about and pitfalls of cloud computing.

Meet our CTO The Global CTO of Capgemini , Andy Mulholland, co-author of the book: ‘Enterprise Cloud Computing, a strategy guide for business and technology leaders’, will share his insights about enterprise cloud computing, ‘… for the Wow isn’t just about technology, it’s about the promise of on-demand business innovation’.


BinckbankMet bijna negen miljoen effectenorders per jaar is BinckBank NV de grootste aanbrenger van particuliere orders van Nederland. En met meer dan 430.000 klanten is BinckBank een top-5 speler in Europa.

Binckbank staat voor de uitdaging om het aantal verschillende ontwikkelomgevingen bestaande uit Microsoft .Net en Java terug te brengen tot één gestandaardiseerde omgeving.

De heer Ritter is gevraagd om voor deze situatie een oplossing te vinden. Dit resulteerde in een advies voor het inrichten van de SOA Infrastructuur met TIBCO producten gebaseerd op de TIBCO ActiveMatrix software. Deze oplossing bied de mogelijkheid om binnen één beheerplatform zowel  de bestaande Microsoft .Net als Java systemen te ondersteunen en geleidelijk naar één implementatie technologie te migreren.

BinckBank moving to a new architecture

BinckBank is an online bank for investors with a Top 5 position in Europe. They have the ambition to become the biggest online bank for investors in Europe, measured by the number of brokerage accounts, transactions and profit, and aim to be active in a minimum of five countries. BinckBank’s activities are split into two business units: ‘Retail’ and ‘Professional Services’.  BinckBank  has a daughter called Syntel. Syntel develops software for banks, pension funds and insurance companies. With its EuroPort+ product, Syntel has been a market leader in the field of investment applications for many years.

Binckbank faces the problem that it has several development environments in place, this results in extra costs and hinders service reuse . Mr Ritter was asked by his colleague Hans van de Koppel to advice him as a Solution Architect, investigate how to improve this situation and advise on a strategy. After several interviews we found that the client has multiple business units that have developed components in Java, Microsoft .Net, Delphi and Magic using different types of technology for communication.

A report is presented to the board with a plan to transform the current situation into a more integrated solution based on a SOA architecture supported by a single deployment tool.

ING Insurance Central Europe “ICE project”

The “Vision for Growth” program includes developing and deploying an integrated solution for ING Insurance for all of Europe and Russia. The ILIS/ESB project is part of this program and delivers a TIBCO software-based service layer.

A small team of two was assigned to develop integrations and configure the Enterprise Service Bus. The TIBCO software had to be installed on three separate Linux servers in a DEV/TEST/ACC/PROD environment. The project team decided that installation and configuration  of every environment by hand would take too much time and an automated installation procedure was needed. Another challenge was that the required server hardware was not available on time.


Mr Ritter came up with the following solution:

  • use RPM as a fully automated  installation solution.
  • using a virtual server environment as a temporary replacement for the missing hardware

Mr Ritter  installed a virtualization product called VirtualBox on his laptop that allows to run a virtual Linux server. This product allows him to simulate the deployment environment and  saved the project lot of time.

Mr Ritter was responsible for installation, configuration and testing:

  • Installation and configuration
    • Configuration of TIBCO BusinessWorks software
    • Designing and developing an automatic installation method based on Redhat Package Manager (RPM) on Linux servers
    • Designing and developing a scripted service deployment method
    • Organizing security (role-based, PKI Certificates)
    • Implemented SELinux security policies
    • Setting up a logging framework for functional errors
  • Testing
    • Generate test data with Benerator this excelent free and open source tool enabled us to generate test data with real Polisch names


      Testdata generator

    • Functional and performance testing of web services  (SoapUI), developed java scripts
  • Documentation of installation, configuration and deployment procedures

Philips Semiconductors “SPEED”

Philps-SemiConductorsIn 2000, Philips decided to phase in an SAP-ERP system for all its manufacturing sites worldwide. A program, SPEED (Superior Production
Execution through ERP Deployment), was launched. The first phase that enabled worldwide integration of SAP ERP and legacy systems in the Netherlands, France, Thailand, Hongkong and China.

Mr Ritter worked in close cooperation with the main architect responsible for designing the messaging architecture and system management environment for the world-wide SAP implementation. The resulting architecture is based on a TIBCO Rendezvous publish/subscribe implementation.

  1. In order to full fill the project requirements the standard TIBCO Message Broker was enhanced by Mr Ritter with extra functionality for message integrity checking based on XML schemas.
  2. Mr Ritter setup a system monitoring system based on TIBCO Hawk
  3. Mr Ritter also fixed a blocking problem with the Message Broker software by patching the TIBCO source code and donated the code to the TIBCO support group.

The initial rollout was successful and the project continued to its next planned phase. Press release: ss_Philips_SPEED__Accelerating_Global_Integration